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- Our Story -

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It all began in 1984 with one man and a dream.


After Chef Bob Lucarelli and his lovely wife, Pam arrived in Florida from Wisconsin to open a new restaurant, they heard from a friend that the DeFina's Italian Restaurant in Venice needed new life and new owners. So, they decided to take it on... 

From his years of experience in the restaurant industry and leaning on an Italian culinary heritage learned from his grandmother, (Nonna), and his loving mother, Delia, "Chef Robert" adapted generations of acquired family knowledge (Lucarellis, Luchettas, Yoccos), and developed a unique and winning cuisine.  And now, he'd like to share the experience with you!

Go to the Contact page and reserve a table for your date or your family.

Pam's waiting to warmly greet you!

“Every single piece of food was cooked to perfection and seasoned just like the way you would expect Mama to do in Sicily.” 

 -   Trip Advisor Reviewer  -



“DeFina's (Lucarelli's) never fails to impress.”

-  Trip Advisor Reviewer  -

“Our go to place for good Italian food!”

-  Trip Advisor Reviewer  -

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