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Lucarelli Legacy

Our Story Cont...

Lucarelli’s was created in 2011 when Bob and Pam Lucarelli purchased DeFina’s Italian Restaurant. Over the next 11 years, Bob and Pam created one of the most eclectic Italian culinary experiences in SWFL.  In April of 2022, Bob and Pam sold Lucarelli’s to their daughter Nina and son-in-law Tommy.  Intent on continuing the family legacy, Tommy and Nina created a menu that maintained focus on classic favorites while introducing contemporary new items, resulting in a menu that has something for everyone in the family!  Whether you are coming in to enjoy one of our famous steaks or a classic Italian pasta favorite, you will be guaranteed to have an incredible experience with the best and most professional service in Venice. Don’t hesitate to make a reservation to enjoy the best craft cocktails, wine and chef driven Italian menu in town!

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